Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Victory Banquet

Having a great and memorable UMS victory banquet with my dearest UMS Organizing Committee, Miss Alice n Kahyee....

Juz come bec from Kam Ling Restaurant. After take bath, I was decided to write down my feeling of this memorable victory banquet and share it here..... This may b the last UMS victory banquet that I participate, cos I'll be going to enter to the Final Year in this coming May and will be leave Arts and Crafts Society soon.....

I'm glad to have u all as my team member for this UMS event. Thanks for helping me and make my job as the organizing chairman a breeze........

Juz now is really have fund with you all..... this memorable moments I'll never forget.

Cheers~ ~

My pretty organizing committee

Miss Alice n Me

UMS Victory Banquet 30 March 2010

UMS Organizing Committee

Happie Belated Bufday to Jia Ling

Crazy Shooting >.<''

At the same time, I have received a belated bufday present from my organizing committee. Thank you guys, the present is lovely.... I like it!!

Miss Alice, Thanks for being my society officer and thanks for ur guidance. Always guide me to the right direction when I'm get lost......

Michele, Thanks for ur handmade cutie tiger card.^^  It's lovely~

Jinq Yeu & Sit Mun, Thanks being my frenz and UMS organizing commiittee. Happie to work wif both of you...=)

Chin Yin, Thanks for you card. I'm still remember you r the only one who asked me wat is 'EXCO meeting' during our first exco gathering..... hehe Any way, glad to know you and thanks for helping me do the 'roses' through out the event. You really a committee that i'm very appreciate!!

Shyn Ying & Lyk Yin, Thanks for your hardwork for preparing the UMS booklet and photoshop-ing all the photos. Even though sometime you both are quite naughty, but I'm happie to work wif both of u.

Yih Huey, now u ady noe who i am? hehe....

Suk Lin & Pek Lee, Thanks to god make this opportunity to let me noe both of u through this event. Thanks for your wishes.... Suk Lin, sometime I'm really dun understand wat u wrote in the msn when during our conversation, may b we r not in the same channel~~ hahaha  but thanks being my frenz....

Siau Cheng, glad to noe u through this event. It's touching when I saw ur birthday card, you wrote that you're also one of them that is thinking of me on my birthday...... Thanks ya....hehehe
Hope every year on 15 March you will thinking of me too, not oni for this year...hahaha XD

Shu Mei & Soo Khyi, Thanks for ur wishes.... Happie to know you...^^

Jia Ling & Bee Hooi, Thanks for ur birthday wishes. You both are the most quiet ppl in the team..... especially Bee Hooi, be honest, at first i really dunno u r one of our organizing committee until i met you at booth during the UMS registration.....T.T ( plz dun kill me~)

Thanks you all can being my frenz..... Hope I have chance to work with you all again. UMS really is a great experience for me!!

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