Friday, March 26, 2010


Wednesday is my Business Research Presentation
not really put effort to prepare for that.... ><''
may b is the last presentation in this semester
lead to my 'motivation' dun wan cooperation wif me
so sad.....

Editing the presentation slides until 6 am morning 
After that, prepared to Uni with the panda eyes
my BR presentation is at 11am
after finish the tutorial class
found a empty class
I started to prepare for my presentation

While preparing the cue cards
I saw outside the class
got a girl look like Aunty Michele
I oni saw her back side

not sure whether is her o not
cos based on her actual height
is totally not like aunty Michele...hehehe
tat girl is higher than aunty michele.....^^

To make sure that girl whether is aunty michele o not
I walked over there....
After that, I saw aunty michele's frens!!!
and I can confirmed tat girl is Michele
HUH!!!! Y suddenly she become soooooooo TALL

After my observation
I found out
she has wear a high heel...=.=
cos she also got presentation
no wonder she become so tall
ahahhaha XD

After that, we start to camwhore
since we all wear so handsome n pretty

Aunty Michele n Me

force me to bend down to match with her height

Phei Vai (Michele's frenz)

Wei Fong (Michele's frenz)

Aunty Michele & Kah Ye3

1 comment:

  1. hey u UNCLE jason
    dun admire me secretly leh XD
    how come i got become TALL suddenly
    that day the shoes i wear is shorter than UMS final that day leh~
    plz leh~all the girls that day sooo pretty nah

    yea~i am pretty XD
    kahyee also =D