Thursday, March 25, 2010

Earlier Celebration

After the UMS competition,
automatically we will having a post-mortem to review the past activity.
Since every one is busy wif their assignments and mid-term,
as a good chairman
( hehe tak tau malu ^^)
I sure wont disturb them la......

I have postponed the post-mortem one week after our event
which is on 13 March 10.

On that nite
not much committee present for the meeting.
May be they scare I will scold them at the meeting.....==''
(Seriously, am i soooooo fierce? ><'')

At the end of the meeting,
Suk Lin suddenly said she is very cool...=.=
(raining on that nite)
she wan to switch off the fan~~
I said u so many 'fat' stored in ur body
u still will feel cool?

She juz ignored me n goes to switch off the fan.....
when I'm going to continue our meeting
in front of me turn into DARK
I shout loudly: "Suk Lin, Wat r u doing!!!"

After that I saw Ling Li tooks out a cake n they sang birthday song....
my first response is
Wah!! today only 13 March.....
early celebration~

Thanks alot to my UMS committee that celebrate my 2X yrs old birthday wif me ^^
Even though this celebration is early a little bit.... hehe

UMS Committee
Thank you guys!!!
(Ling Li, Bee Hooi, Shyn Yng, Suk Lin, Sit Mun, Siau Cheng,
Shu Mei & Aunty Michele)
Love u all...

Wish me HAppIE B!rthday ^^

1 comment:

  1. seriously...quite fierce when u talk with us
    but actually i noe ur face mah
    but they dunno wor
    so lah...they all tell me u are sooooooo fierce XD

    hmm~cold mah wan closed the fan loh
    haha...plz leh~
    all is aunty michele when u mention me = =

    make me no image liao...
    = =

    HAPPY BDAY one more time XD