Wednesday, March 24, 2010

UTAR Model Search 2010 - Metamorphosis

Finally…. I have time to update my blog!!

A lot of things happened in March…. UTAR Model Search Finale, Mid-term exams, Assignments due date…………………………..and MY BIRTHDAY!! hehe ^^

UTAR Model Search 2010 is one of  the activity that held in UTAR Perak which organized by Arts and Crafts Society. This event is quite a ‘long ride’ for me. Form beginning until the finale, we almost used half year to prepare for it. To organized this such big event is really damn tired but when you see the result or outcome, all the tiredness will be forgotten……

I still remember last year, miss Alice kept asking me when I gonna organize a big event before I leave ACS. In my mind, I want to organize some activities that UTAR never done before and suddenly one idea flashed in my mind…………“organize Modelling competition”

Finally I come out wif this idea – UTAR Model Search 2010

At the starting stage, it is really a quite difficult task for me. I have to lead a team that not much experience in organize such event but I never give up cos I believe my committee member ability. It is also an opportunity for me to train my leadership…. Hopefully I can success ==''

We have taken few months for discussion, sending proposal, editing proposal, looking for sponsors, fundraising, searching for potential contestants, ticket selling, conducting catwalk and personal grooming training, photo shooting, audition, interview, elimination, finalists road show, and lead to today finale.

During the progress, I can see my committee are done a good job even though they dun have experience in doing this kind of activity but they willing to learn…. but sometime few of them are not listened to my instruction until I start to scolding them… Every time after I scold them, I will think…. Am I wrong? Am I scolding them too over….cos they dun hv any experience?

Day by day, date of the finale is near….. uncounted problems are starting occur. First is my mid-term exams are held on the same week with the UTAR Model Search….OMG, hw can I handle it together!!! But no choice, I have to….. Second is we dun have do a proper rehearsal because of the some uncooperative contestants. Third, fourth, fifth problem starting occur …… @.@

Luckily, I still hv some committee can help me out for the preparation of the nite which is Michele’s gang (Aunty Michele, Yih Huey, Shy Yng, and Venus). One day before the event, they help me to make sure all the things are get ready. Thanks gals.....

On tat day, I'm very worry about the whole process for tat nite becos we dun hv run a full rehearsal and we cannot have mistake cos tis is a first time I organize such a big event in UTAR. Wat only I can do is juz pray to God, plz dun let any unexpected problem happen…..

When the event starts, I sat on the VIP’s seat with a ‘disturbed heart’. Fortunately, they run the program smoothly and dun have any BIG problem arise. Thanks God!!! ^^ During the video presentation of the past audition, when I look at the past process that we have gone through, there is a feeling for me to think that what the hard works that we hv done are worth…..

I really appreciated I have this group of committee member, if not I really cannot make tis event success !!! Thank you to my dearest organizing committee ^^

The Winners for UTAR Model Search 2010 are:

Kenny Mah (left), Josheen Ma (right)

Photo Taking after end of the event.....
(got one kaki ayam inside the photo = ='')

UTAR Model Search 2010 Metamorphosis
Organizing Committee

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  1. this Michele’s gang (include Aunty Michele, Yih Huey, Shyn Ying, and Venus)really geng dao~

    actually we also wan thanks u also =D