Saturday, March 27, 2010


Come to the end of the last presentation!!!
Right after the class
We went to Tesco Sushi King to take our lunch ^^

After took an order
Ky keep asking me
"Enough ady? Dun wan to add order?"

I'm very curious about her question....
But on that day, i'm really no appetite to eat more...=.=
(cos every time i went to Sushi King, i sure will order alot)

After the meals are served
Shirley said she wanna go to toilet....
she said 'sakit perut' wo

Around five min past
I heard a birthday song~
She's not go to toilet, she's go to buy cake!

I didnt think that my lovely frens will have a belated birthday celebration wif me!!
since my birthday has ady past

Last week
we all rush for the assignments
so I din plan to celebrate my birthday this year
cos for me every year is the same
but the sad thing is.....
to remind me
i'm one year older =.=

Thank you guys!!!
Thank you for ur Belated Birthday Celebration

~My favourite Mocha cake~

housemate+classmate+good buddy
Kah Yee & Me

Another Buddy-Shirley
Glad to know u shirley!!

MJ & Me
Assignment mate
Joined our gila team last semester.....
Say Hi, MJ 
haha XD

Ah Shuy n Me
He is our Driver
(For assignment purpose)

It's ME!!!

2X Birthday Celebration

I'm glad to know u all
We alway share happiness and sadness together
but tis year celebration
we left out Angu Ping
she goes to internship.......
if not 4 of us
Kah Yee, Shirley, Angu Ping n Me
can have FUN!!! 

Thank God
let them become my Buddies in my life
give me a wonderful Uni life

At the end I noe the meaning of Ky's question
They wan to treat me Sushi!!
no wonder ask me to order more

Before we left
I asked them
May I 'Ta Bao'
since they wan to treat me.....
(so greedy =.='')

they said, "the offer is closed"
wuwuwu (crying)

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