Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Since already 2 1/2 years I have studied in UTAR…. I never cycle to Uni, cos may b the weather in kampar is TOO HOT ~ ~ It’s not a suitable weather for me to cycle to Uni, furthermore, I dun hv a bicycle (another reason is….. I’m lazy to cycle…..hehehe)

BUT today, I’m cycling to Uni!!! This is a first time I’m cycle to Uni…… Wow~ unbelievable!!!

Wake up at 6.30 am, then preparing myself to start my first try….

At 7.15am sharp, Kahyee and I walk from our house to Shirley’s house to take the bicycles. That I mentioned early, I dun have bicycle. Therefore, we borrowed the bicycles from our dearest aunty Michele.

After we bought the bike, first of all, sure is take a picture first!!!! Hahaha

After we reached Uni, Shirley said wanna used shortcut (cos our classroom is at Block H) … she guide us to use another walkway which is a walkway that near Block C and the lakeside……

But this guider brought us to a wrong side…+_+

At the end of the walkway cannot directly reach to Block H, there have a staircase before we can get to Block H…..

Then we have to carry our ‘heavy bike’ go down the stairs~ ~…..
Poor Guider Shirley = =''

If next time UTAR have campus tour and the person in-charge is aunty Shirley, u better dun follow her…..
If not I can assure u that u will get lost~ ~ hahahaha….XD

This is an evidence to prove that the poor guider bring us to the wrong side. hahahaha

Shirley & Kahyee both look so excited and happie

Even though cycling to Uni is very exhausted for me…. but I really have fun today ^^

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  1. haha...nice memory wor!
    nice leh that pic got feel hmm~

    my BIKE very nice and good leh~=3