Thursday, April 15, 2010

Happie Outing

Last week went to Ipoh wif my budies -
Kahyee, Shirley, n new member Michele
Have a great outing wif them!! ^^

Our breakfast is Foh San Dim Sum

Worker of Restaurant Foh San
All of them are very friendly

Since I cannot eat prawn due to skin allergies
I ordered Hong Kong's Chu Cheong Fun as my main dish

Double Skin Steamed Milk
(Recommended by my classmate Kok Yau)
But I'm not really like it =.=

My favourite desserts
Yummy~ ~

After having our breakfast, next is...... photo shooting session
The Models for that day
Pretty 5+2

Handsome Jason
(Tak tau malu... haha XD)

Sexier Shirley

Cutie Michele

My Budies

I like this pic
nice is it?!!
Is taken and edited by me, Yeah~ ~

Next is Shopping hour!!
First station is Ipoh Parade
We went to watch "Clash of The Titans"

It's a very nice movie

Gemma Arterton
She is so pretty!!
Love her so much

After finish the movie 
Shirley went to book shop to purchase some books
and left three of us play around there & we start taking pic
Luckily the shopkeeper din scold us!! hehe

Photographer for that day
Look her so 有型 & professional

Michele, Shirley n Me become her Models

Nice Shoot!!
Kahyee, u can become a professional photographer... hahaha
To see more photos, plz log on to

After fulfill our modelling desire
We went to Jusco which is our next station

Kahyee played video game wif me
Guess who won?

After that, we took an instant photo at Jusco Play Ground
At the moment, we starting our crazy photo shoot again

Look at Kahyee, she so excited and waiting for her photos

We took our dinner at Café Takahashi

The environment is very nice!! I Love It!

My set dinner ^^

Kahyee keep on enjoy looking at her effort (Instant photos)

Took the last pic before we left the café

We watch second movie before we went back to kampar
"Beauty on Duty"

It's a quite funny movie
I like it


  1. new member here!
    hmm~thx handsome jason bcoz i am cutie michele
    where the instant photo liao?
    u didnt scan to ur computer o?


  2. the instant photos u hv to ask Kahyee liao...
    cos she kept those pic~~