Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Sometime, I really dunno what u r thinking
Sometime, I will concern that u will feel reluctant if I over control


Sometime, what u have said and done
It's made me felt disappointed
Sometime, I make it silent and do not correct u in the public
Is because I concern of your self-esteem and your status


Something is make me sad and speechless
I'm not sure whether the rumour is correct or not 
but I'm sure that everyone is laughing at us
I dunno how to react and just keep thinking and wonder
"why you will said like that on that moment?"

Have you ever think about what're the impacts after what you have said?
May be you  are still young and dun have much experience.....
We are here and will lend a hand to help u
but we will not alway be with u
One day you have to handle all the things by your own

Sometime u should not have to let 'others' know what's going on and how is our progress
because internal progress is such a secret and cannot make known to public
But u have made this mistake again, such a big mistake

I think u should think about what're the impacts before u trying to do and say......
U should learn how to use a correct and better ways to let 'others' know your activity's progress if they are asking
Never let 'others' know your activity's weaknesses and what are the problems you are facing
May be in your perception, you will think that telling all these things and 'they' will lend a hand to help you
but normally is not.....
Because the result that I get is, they will laughing and try to look down on you

So what had happened and just let it go
Hopefully you wont repeat the same mistake again............

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