Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Penang Trip

Its not a strangest place for me, I have been went there every year since I'm small......
I went there actually is to visit my aunt and my lovely cousin, celebrate Christmas and New Year with them.

On 26 & 27 Jun 2010, I have visited Penang again
but this time, I'm not going to visit my aunt.
I'm going to visit some places in Penang with my Uni frens
so I dun have to write so much, let's the photos tell the 'STORY' ^^

Our first destination-Tropical Spice Garden

Uncle Benny
Friendly and Funny tour guide

The scenery is very nice
I like it very much~

Some of the foreigner are learning to do 'something'
I think 'something' = 'Sambal'
(Bcos they all very concentrate in doing the 'thing', I'm not dare to disturb and ask)

Second Destination - Batik Factory

They all are very professional

*The only thing that I dislike is the attitude of the factory tour guide.
She is not friendly at all n just simply rush through the process of producing a Batik to us.

Next is Penang Butterfly Farm

Hey guy, through this two photos....
Did u realize what's the bugs and the Butterflies r doing?
They are having sexual intercourse!! ^^

While waiting some frens, we took photo at the playground
Luckily SukLin is not here, if not, the little red car sure will breakdown

At nite, we took our dinner at Gurney drive open air hawkers

Its so lively

Second day.......

We hunt for breakfast at the market
somewhere near Kek Lok Si Temple

Kek Lok Si Temple

Guanyin Statue

Tau Sar Pneah
One of the Penang famous biscuit store

Next Destination - Penang Peranakan Mansion

The Best actress and actor for the year......Hahaha
Both of us damn like to act~

The last destination is Queensbay Mall before we depart from Penang to Kampar
Have fun with u all, it's a great trip
Especially for the organizing team, u all done a good job!!!

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