Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Headache..... This is only word that can express my feeling right now.
What can I do now......Who can giv me some suggestion..... Who can show me the right direction and should I proceed on.......?

I'm very regret to let u be the one..... I'm very regret to persuade u to stay........
I should let u go at the first day, I should not to let u spoil my things.

U make them angry on u, u make them cried, u make them felt disappointed.........
Now u r playing fire, at the end, you have to bear your own risk......

Should I restructure all the things? OR I just let those things 'sink into the sea'?
If I restructuring, I'll be lost some of my frenz.... WHAT SHOULD I DO?....!!!!!
Do have any ways that can have mutually benefit?

That's enough for you, u make me very disappointed......
The game is over, u should leave the field, it's time to kick u out.....
U are blacklisted~

I should settle this matter ASAP, cos assignments and mid-term exam are coming to me......
God, please show me a right way.

1 comment:

  1. hmm,hope everything will be fine soon
    =) gambateh ya our dear jason