Saturday, June 5, 2010

New Semester

Kampar.... I'm back~

Almost nearly one month I did not update my blog bcos of my lazynessss....hehe

Actually at first I'm not wish to come bec.....
but no choice i hv to~

As usual I'm come bec to kampar n clean my room n preparing myself for new semester.
My class has start on Tuesday til friday means that I oni have 4 days class in one week... heheeee
so happy!!! ^^

Time has past so FAST, I have been studying in UTAR for three years ady..... I'm going to final year for this semester and hv to start my final year project. At first, I alway heard my housemate said FYP, FYP......then I'm going to ask kahyee wat's the meaning of FYP. She answered me FYP is stand for 'Fuxk Your Patpat'....... Swt~  Actually FYP is stand for Final Year Project.
Yeeeee, kahyee's mind is so 'creative' = dirty hahaha XD
Final year, hw is the final year looks like? Got a little bit worry about it, will i able to handle it? =.=
Erm.... I should study hard for it!!!!

One week has past, I have attended all the lecture n tutorial classes. Oni hv one subject that i'm not satisfy with is Financial statement analysis subject.In my own perception, I think that the lecturer is not good enuf in teaching FSA, she is unable to giv some wide n good example for us......she juz simply go tru everything in the slides especially the calculation part.

Beside that, I never think that my foundation lecturer Ms Ching will teach me for Management Accounting. She's still can recognized me in her first tutorial, even though i have changed my appearance as well as my hairstyle...lolx

On the other hand, currently I was busy for my society fundraising activity. We will selling the dessert- Chinese Herbal Jelly (Guilinggao) at Block C, UTAR. Plz support us and come to buy my 'Lovely Home made Guillinggao'......^^ which is produced by kahyee n me

To preparing those stuffs and the decoration, its caused me have a sleepless nite and my panda eyes has come back to me~ swt.....Hopefully, my hardwork is worth.

Through out the society's activities, I can discovered that majority of the students joining the club o society are aim to redeem the pointer from Soft Skills Dept. Yes, I admit that everyone join the society  is to claim the point for co-curricular purpose. But if u only join the club n never contribute to the society, hw the society is going to growth and hw other members look on u?  Moreover, I hate those ppl who have joined the society and when asking them to help out for the society and alway gave excuses. Sometime I wish to voice out this matter but I was thinking that will I hurt their feeling if I voice out directly in front of them.......?

Annual General Meeting will be held on this coming July if possible. It's a time for me to leave my 'son' - Arts and Crafts society but I hvnt can find one suitable person to takeover my position and continue carry my 'son'. It is hard to build and manage a society, furthermore, u nit to make sure that the society is in the growing stage, if not the society will be in death position. Hopefully, I able to get someone that is suitable and potential to handle Chairman position. God, can u plz giv me an advice and make me able to find the rite person. 


  1. blogwalking...and reading also:) hehe

    so, u are the final year student? yeaa! gud luck boy!

    im a final year student to0...:) i have finish my FYP last year, and my praktical this year...but, unfortunately, i have to resit a paper:( damn uncool..haha

    what are u taking ar? im engineering student...
    btw, nice story for the whole 1 month break:)

  2. Hello, thx for ur comment....
    I'm taking Business Administration.

    Wish u all the Best!! ^^