Saturday, January 2, 2010


Finally…… finally….. finally…..

Erm…… How to start a first word? Already signed up a blog, must write something inside!! cannot leave it blank!!!

Finally I have started my first personal blog and I have gave my ‘first time’ to blogspot …… hahaha
First at all, I want to do the cliché thing which is to introduce myself. My name is Jason, 23 years old, currently study at UTAR Kampar taking Business Administration (Hons) course.

I'm still remember one month ago, my tutor has asked us to sign up a blog, when she asking me to show her my blog, I alway giving excuses and lastly I was signed up. I choose to sign up a blog in year 2010, hmmm….. may be I felt that this is a new starting point for me. We have passed one decade, now it's the time for me to explore and learn more.

The title of the blog is ‘L!FE Diary’….. The main purpose to sign up this blog not just for me to share what’s happening in my life but also is a place for me to express my feeling and opinion. ^^ May be one day u will be the one of the character in my blog also….. haha

Lastly, after reading my blog, plz feel free to drop a comment……^^
Happie New Year 2010 for U n Me!!

Happie New Year!!!

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