Monday, October 18, 2010


Back to Kampar again, finished my three weeks holiday. Start my new semester again......
Need to work harder for this semester, hopefully can increase my pointer (CGPA).

During my holiday, actually is nothing special, juz like normal but one day morning......
Got a team of people knocked my house gate and said they are come from Kerajaan Jabatan Kesihatan XXX
I asked them what can I help you
A 'middle-aged + mediterranean hair loss' man said they want to check NYAMUK.....

I very curious, why want to check mosquito? now is morning, how to check? Izit want to check aedes mosquitoes, then i straight away open the door to let them in.
When I open the gate, I heard the trainees asked why not juz tell him we come to check nyamuk aedes? Middle-aged man said if we said nyamuk aedes, he sure dunno, is better said check nyamuk.

After I heard that, I damn angry and scold in the heart.... WTF!!! What do you think on me? U think I'm the small kid izit? Dunno what is 'nyamuk aedes'?
Ish!!! Damn useless 'middle-aged + mediterranean hair loss' man!!! U think oni u have access to higher education, other people are fool.... Look down on people, useless fellow, no manners!!!

After he leave, I curse in the heart "better u loss all your hair, become bald!!!"

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