Sunday, August 8, 2010

'Sei Ki Laa' Moral Campaign

Say 'NO' to WAR
We just finished our Moral Canpaign last Wednesday
Even though is tired to prepare all the stuffs
we have FÚN!!

On that day...... 
They are doing the final preparation to make sure everything is done
before the Campaign start
They all r very professional^^

While doing the final touch up
we sure wont forget to camwhore
SunShine Boy look
haha XD

take photo wif my 'fake dear'
actually she's my 'dear' in drama that I act
She memang crazy, dun like to memories the script
like to create the script on the spot ~.~

Mama n me
Ky is acting 'Mama' in the drama
 so stylish of her mama look ^^

Miss Abu Nene (Jefei)

Sweeties in our group
You never expect they can be so ~
crazy and sei ki laa

having a last practice before the drama

Lady Gaga, Miss Hello n me
after dressed up

Our Moral Lecturer-Pn. Muniroh
Hope she can give higher marks for our campaign

The Campaign start with opening ceremony

My effort

OH.... my effort has sacrificed for the Opening Ceremony

First scene
Outing wif my 'dear' and fall down while we dance
am i look so 'leong beng'?
Big spec wif the curry puff hair

Ah ba, Mama and Ah gal
having dinner
guess who's acting Ah gal ^0^

Japanese militaries
They are really funny when acting and Seng Kat really looks like Japanese

IP man

Iron Man with red helmet

MJ is back!!

Gaga is visiting our campaign!!
Gaga Adrian
We love u
haha ^0^

Sorry. Hello. Excuse me

Commemorate the death people in 911

'Stop the WAR'
Say 'No' to WAR

The drama is end with the return of soldiers

Here is the end of our Moral Campaign
Our theme is
"Anti-peperangan, Menghargai Nyawa dan Harta Benda"


Hey guys and sweeties, it's glad to know u all
Happie to work with u all
even we r study in a same lecture hall
but we dunno each other
Is a fate
bring us together tru the Moral Campaign
This is a great memory for me in Uni's life
Thanks to all of your effort and hardwork
u guys have draw another page of my Uni's life
Let's shout out our slogan
'Sei Ki Laa'

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